Animations in the Arab World

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Animations in the Arab World

In 1935 in Egypt, the first animation attempts started, thanks to Antoine Selim, who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. He worked as an artist in his own special animation studio and he was affected by Disney characters, but was featured with his own style.

In 1960, Egyptian Television was established, bringing animations to the lives of all Egyptians. In 1961, animations were produced by Ali Moheeb. Later in 1996, Sinbad the Sailor (al-Sindbad al-Bahary) was produced.

In the Arabian Gulf, animations appeared in the beginning of 1970s on a limited scale. However, the industry did not spread due to production costs and marketing problems.


Why animations are important?

Animations attract both children and adults. They are used in education and to simplify information to students to help them understand. In addition, animations are used in areas of art, the production of short stories and movies. They can also be used to draw up plans and in advertisements.

The entertainment factor boosts creativity and imagination. It also helps awaken drawing talent and it is one of the most important resources to help children acquire concepts and words.



Animations have negative effects

Some mommies are pleased when their children spend time watching animations. However, when they spend more time, they are negatively affected since some animation movies show bad concepts, which are against the education of children. Such concepts may be absorbed by children until they are grown up. Animation movies can also include some bad words that are harmful to the language and culture of children. Children sitting down in front of the TV may cause visual impairment or autism or they may become introverts due to continuously watching animation movies. As a result, they start to ignore physical interaction and kinetic playing, which will lead to physical weaknesses. Animations may contain scenes of violence that make children more aggressive towards their peers. Many drawbacks can be mentioned and, for this reason, we ask for the production of clean animation movies without any cons.

Here in Kaya Animation Studio, we are curious about the production of helpful movies with constructive values.

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