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What are animations?

Animations are a sequence of painted or colourful pictures, which quickly move in a sequence to illustrate the optical sensation of movement. Such pictures could be either 2D or 3D.



Since the emergence of humankind, the human being wanted to document their achievements and stories. Paintings of animals in caves, since ancient times, were seen in a sequence of motions as if they were moving. Such paintings are not considered as animations. Yet, this art developed and those paintings were cornerstones for the technology of animation.



Devices were created to view pictures in a sequence to create animations one way or another. Those devices make animations to entertain people or to scare them occasionally.

A device named ‘the Magic Lantern’ was invented and today it is considered the core of projectors. It consisted of a transparent plate, a candle, any lightning source from oils, a lens and a dark room. The device displays pictures in a sequence on any flat wall.




After that, a thaumatrope was invented. It is a disk with a picture on each side and is attached to two pieces of string. There is an animal on one side and an empty cage on the other. By moving a thread that is attached to the disk, the disk revolves around its axis to create an animation of an animal entering and exiting its cage.

After that, a phenakistoscope was invented and it was a primary device to display animations. It has two discs with a series of images drawn around its centre. When the discs revolve, the animation appears and the optical illusion of motion happens.

Devices such as Zoetrope, Flip Book and the Praxinoscope, were then invented. However, the real start of animation technology started when an animation movie called ‘The Enchanted Drawing’ was recorded. This was followed by the first complete animation movie with funny faces and directed by J. Stuart Blackton.


After that, Emil Kohl made the first animation named ‘Fantasmagorie’. Such a primary movie appears with a black background because every frame is drawn and then the movie is put on the negative film.

Over the 1900s, the animation industry quickly developed, which was known back then as ‘cartoon’. Many short animation movies were made and some of these were displayed in cinemas. At that time, and thanks to John Randolph Bray, in collaboration with animator Earl Hurd, the classic animation industry made its appearance.

Who knows when the golden era of animations started?

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