Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are the cutting-edge technology to communicate information to audiences of all types in an artistic and exciting way. Such technology is about exquisite animations with sound effects to produce vibrant videos.

Why Motion Graphics?

  • High views that a video can reach compared to text and photo ads;
  • Motion graphics can be used in advertising on TV and the Internet;
  • It is simple animation that clarifies the idea behind a business, a new startup and/or the products and services provided;
  • It has a powerful and positive effect on the customers’ purchase decision;
  • It is a magic key to digital marketing.



What are Motion Graphics?

Motion graphics can be flat footage, 2D or 3D animations, or some footage and video clips. Yet, flat and 2D footages are very common in the industry. Motion graphics also contain a number of geometric lines and shapes and more, which are intended to make the client’s idea transparent. Such technology has many uses, including but not limited to, promotional ads on TVs and social media networks, or educational videos, etc.

In Kaya, we have a team of well-trained and featured talents specialised in animation, motion graphics, voice-over, content writing and screenplay. Thanks to our impressive team, we do not use pre-designed templates no imitate but we create high-quality works.


Motion graphics: a crazy technology that SHOCKS and ENTERTAINS your brain to believe in the IDEA.

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