Benefits of Motion Graphics

An increase in engagements on social media platforms

Did you know that 92% of consumers share videos with others, especially if that video has catchy animations with professional editing? It is an opportunity to boost the marketing of your product or your company to reach audiences. Try to use the sense of humour in your videos to engage people to share these with their friends.

Search engines prefer videos

Search engines look for engaging content and no content can be more engaging in views than a video. Not only this, YouTube is the second largest search engine behind Google. If you upload a video clip to YouTube, as well as your website and your social media platforms, this will optimize your appearance in search engines.


High conversion rates

Videos should be considered as an investment and a powerful selling tool. A video published on your social media networks may increase conversion rates by 80%. This means everyone who watches a video is a potential client for your products and services.

Watching a video can substantially affect the purchase behaviour and turn clients into potential leads. Instead of reading information, a video can transfer feelings and the right information clearly.

Motion graphics can be used in your marketing plan. This can be done with the testimonials of clients that confirm the high quality of your work and the introduction of your products and services in a short video, which persuades your audience to deal with your company.


A significant addition to marketing campaigns via your emails

A video in an email leads to a 200-300 percentage increase in click rates. Such statistics are amazing! It is easy for a client to watch a video instead of sitting down to read some text for more than 5 minutes while they are able to learn more details in a one-minute video. Agree? This will be especially effective if you would like to show how your product can be used or if you would like to express something that words cannot describe.

Building trust and credibility

A video is the ideal method to create the brand identity of your company. This will help you to communicate with your audience and to gain their trust. 90% Of users say that creating a motion graphic video for a product can help make a decision about whether or not to deal with a company. Making more videos also help to educate and communicate with your customers and gain their trust. Such trust leads to sales.

Have you digested the importance of motion graphics among your next marketing strategies?

Do you consider producing a creative motion graphic video for your project now?

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