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Benefits of Motion Graphics

– An increase in engagements on social media platforms Did you know that 92% of consumers share videos with others, especially if that video has catchy animations with professional editing? It is an opportunity to boost the marketing of your product or your company to reach audiences. Try to use the sense of humour in […]
by jolanar / August 6, 2019 /In Articles

Animations in the Arab World

In 1935 in Egypt, the first animation attempts started, thanks to Antoine Selim, who graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts. He worked as an artist in his own special animation studio and he was affected by Disney characters, but was featured with his own style. In 1960, Egyptian Television was established, bringing animations to […]
by jolanar / July 12, 2019 /In Articles


  What are animations? Animations are a sequence of painted or colourful pictures, which quickly move in a sequence to illustrate the optical sensation of movement. Such pictures could be either 2D or 3D.   Origin Since the emergence of humankind, the human being wanted to document their achievements and stories. Paintings of animals in […]
by jolanar / July 7, 2019 /In Articles

Motion Graphics

Motion graphics are the cutting-edge technology to communicate information to audiences of all types in an artistic and exciting way. Such technology is about exquisite animations with sound effects to produce vibrant videos. Why Motion Graphics? High views that a video can reach compared to text and photo ads; Motion graphics can be used in […]
by jolanar / June 26, 2019 /In Articles
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